Recall Petition

Remove Two Derelict School Board Members the Easy Way
Download These PDF Documents:

Dave and Meredith

Dave Nickels and Meredith Sauer have compromised the wellbeing of our children and the quality of their education.
One at a time, thousands of signatures like yours are being collected to remove them from leadership.
Please follow these steps today to make sure your Petition is counted.

There are four documents concerning the Recall:
Recall Instructions, Dave Nickels Recall Petition, Meredith Sauer Recall Petition, and Recall Petition Supplement.
If you have any questions about competing the Petitions, contact us at

Step 1 – Eligibility

You must be eligible to sign the Recall Petitions
Are you at least 18 years old and do you live in any of these municipalities?
Town of Centerville
Town of Kossuth
Town of Manitowoc
Town of Manitowoc Rapids
Town of Newton
City of Manitowoc
Then, go to Step 2

Do you live in Town of Two Rivers (Ward 1-2), or City of Two Rivers (Ward 7-8)?
Portions of these areas are in the MPSD, some areas are not.
If you are positive that you reside in the MPSD zone, go to Step 2.

If you are not sure, call the Manitowoc County Clerk’s office, 920-683-4400.
Ask for Jessica Backus and confirm that you live at an MPSD eligible address.
If you are eligible, go to Step 2

What if you don’t reside in any of these municipalities?

One of the most important ways you can help is to be a Circulator. Collecting signatures from other Electors is vital to the Recall effort. Please continue and follow the instructions, and . . . you are a true hero!

Step 2 – Print the Recall Petitions

Use your printer.
Print “pairs” of Petitions.
One David Nickels Petition should always accompany one Meredith Sauer Petition.

Step 3 – Signatures (Column 1)

Only Electors can sign the Recall Petitions, and they can be any person 18 or older who resides in the district (Step 1) including yourself. There can only be one Elector signature for each Recall Petition, per eligible MPSD resident. One signature for Dave Nickels. One signature Meredith Sauer. One time. No duplicates!

Signatures of Electors: Sign on the line, just like you sign checks or legal documents
2 Times, once on each Petition!

The next steps require legibility.
Unreadable personal information will disqualify your signatures!

Step 4 – Elector Information (Column 2, 3, 4 and 5)

Printed Name of Electors: Print Elector’s Legal Name.
Street & Number or Rural Route: Print Elector’s Legal Residence Address.
Municipality of: Print the Name of the Elector’s City, Town, or Village, and check the box.
Date of Signing: Print the Date the Elector signed the Petition

Step 4 – Certification of Circulator

The person collecting Recall signatures, the Circulator, must be at least 18 years old and eligible to vote in Wisconsin. The Circulator does not have to live within the Manitowoc Public School District. The Circulator can be yourself. You can also be the Circulator on an unlimited number of Recall Petitions – and please explore that opportunity!

Name of Circulator: Print Circulator’s Legal Name.
Circulator’s Residence: Print Circulator’s Legal Residence Address
Date: Print the date the Circulator completed the Petition – it must be AFTER all Elector’s Date of Signing in Column 5
Signature of Circulator: Sign on the line, just like you sign checks or legal documents

Step 5 – Return the Petition(s)

Petitions are completed when the Circulator dates and signs at the bottom of the Petition. You do not need to fill all 10 signatures on the Petition. Any number of Elector Signatures between 1 and 10 is just fine. Please return them promptly.
Completed Petitions (ink on paper originals – no copies or image files) need to be mailed to:

Recall MPSD, PO Box 153, Manitowoc, WI 54220

Step 6 – Safety Tips

• Double check the Petitions for accuracy and completeness.
• Avoid liquid spills, rain, and snow that can ruin Petitions.
• Send us money? Y-E-S! Checks can be sent to the above address payable to Recall MPSD

Step 7 – Support Recall MPSD

• Tell your family and friends about the Recall Petition and our group, Recall MPSD.
• Visit our website for volunteer opportunities.
• Send us money? Y-E-S! Send checks to the above address payable to Recall MPSD

Step 8 – Stay in Touch

• Your current email and phone number helps us work together and report our progress.

Thanks for all you do for our children and our public school!