Public Library Pornography Access for Children

Concerns at the State and Local Levels, and Contacts

STATE LEVEL – available and funded through all public libraries in our state

Overdrive is the direct link through the Manitowoc Public Library to the e-books available through ALL public libraries in our state including over 1000 “mature adult” titles.  These books are also in the regular card catalogs and can be checked out and returned in seconds by any cardholder of any age without entering the physical library building.

Exhibit A) A student enjoyed the e-book 365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental, and wants another 365 book.  Here are two search results:

365 Sex Positions A New Way Every Day for a Steamy, Erotic Year by Lisa Sweet
This book features full nude photography with descriptions including “Feel the sensual beat all over with Tribal Rhythm”, *Bounce her to an awesome orgasm doing the Pogo”, *Flip him over for amazing 69 in the Chair Try-stand *Balance her on a ball to hit the G-Spot Striker”

365 Sex Moves Positions for Having Sex a New Way Every Day by Randi Foxx
This book “with stunning photography and short technique descriptions” contains 301 chapters including “X-Rated” and “The Strip, Whip, and Drip”.

Exhibit B)  A student enjoyed reading The Mammoth Book of Polar Journeys by Jon E. Lewis and wants to find another book, searching “Mammoth Book” in the virtual library yields books by Maxim Jakubowski including:

 The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica Mammoth Book Series Book Number 293 by Maxim Jakubowski
From the description “Once again, Maxim Jakubowski has put together a masterful selection of over 40 stories of sexual encounters from every corner of the world.”

Virtual Library Cards (VLC)
Virtual Library Cards enable students, through their schools to utilize library resources including the digital library.  Previews can be viewed by anyone with access to the library websites.  The “Wisconsin’s Digital Library is a project of the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (WPLC), with funding from Wisconsin Public Libraries and Public Library Systems.

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The Wisconsin Public Library Consortium

LOCAL LEVEL R-Rated physical books marketed to our teens as “Resources”

The Weight of Zero , by Karen Fortunati
Is a hardcover book highlighted in the Manitowoc Public Library’s Teen Reading Resources.
Here are a few quotes with swearing redacted:

p. 6 “I pick up the Lexapro bottle and gently shake it so the four pills inside dance.  I will take whatever time I have left and kill myself…”

p. 11 “It’s Louis Farricelli, Cranbury High’s alpha male, senior captain of the varsity football team and resident hymen thief, responsible for the deflowering of maybe fifty percent of the vaginas here.”

p. 23 “Like him and his eyelashes have a f—ing clue.”

p. 52 “Then her warm hand is on my wrist, squeezing it as she whispers, “F—ing A——-, Cat.  F—ing A——-.”

p. 62 “My lithium/ Prozac/ Nyquil cocktail began to circulate through my veins, bringing a sleepy haze and stomach pain that curled me into a fetal position.”

p. 233 “How am I supposed to go off to college with this?  With this f—ing vagina…vagina lockjaw?”

More examples and a response by Margaret Pauwels, Library Board Trustee (click page link below)

People to Contact

The Manitowoc Public Library Board of Trustees

If you are interested in helping get these and other R-rated books out of the teen department and into the adult department, please contact your library. Here is an example


1. Send your email to Library Board of Trustees President, Chris Able
2. Send a copy of your email (CC) to Library Trustee, Margaret Pauwels
3. Ask that your message “be included as public correspondence at the next board meeting” – so all board members see it.

Please use this email template:



Your Name:
Email Address:
Signature: (Full Legal Name)

Title of material:

Author of material:

Did you read/view/listen to the entire work? Yes_____ No_____

What do you find objectionable about this material (please be specific)?

What would you like the library to do with this work?


Patrons have the right to question why materials were selected or were not selected for the

  1. Reconsideration requests will be reviewed by
    Coordinator of Collection Development
    Library Director
  2. If the patron is not satisfied with the decision of the Director, he or she may direct
    his or her concerns to the Board of Trustees
    Manitowoc Public Library, 707 Quay Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220