Recent Patron response from Margaret Pauwels, Library Trustee (February 2022)

Thank you for your interest in your Manitowoc Public Library! 
Here is the information you requested.
Please email me back if you have any questions.

Margaret Pauwels

I have been made aware of the following books. 
To search for yourself go to the Manitowoc Public Library card catalog, https://www.manitowoclibrary.org
In quotes is the search, then the number it comes up as searching in the regular card catalog https://www.manitowoclibrary.org

This information is not in Overdrive/Libby, https://wplc.overdrive.com/wplc-manitowoc/content
It will be sometimes be closer to the top of searches in Overdrive because that is only the e-books.

I believe students at the schools can search either catalog. 
This list will change as the collection changes and is, to the best of my knowledge, current as of February 2022.

A) Search “apple tree”
Result #2, Apple Tree Yard (Adult Content)

B) Search “Arctic”
Result #10, Artic Dragon (Adult Content)
Result #12, Arctic Attack, is a Batman youth book

C) Search “Autumn”
Result  #2, Autumn (Adult Content)

D) Search “Black Hills”
Result #6, Black Hills Desperado (Adult Content)

E) “BFF” (a popular text abbreviation meaning best friends forever)
Result #2, BFF Breakup, a youth paperback by Taylor Morris
Result #6 My BFF’s Sister (Adult Content)

F) Search “candy”
Result #5, Candy Kisses, a youth paperback
Result #6, Candy Licker, (Adult Content)

G) Search “candy canes”
Result #1, Five Little Candy Canes, is a flannel board
Result #2, Candy Canes and Cool Dust, (Adult Content)

H) Search “cake”
Result #2, Cake, (Adult Content)
Result #3, Cake, a youth picture book

I) Search “cougar”
Result #1, Cougar, a youth book
Result #2, Cougar’s Captive (Adult Content)

J) Search “dragon”
Result #8, Dragon Actually (Adult Content)

K) Search “education”
Result #4, My Education (Adult Content)

L) Search neighborhood watch – no “quotes”
Result #8, Neighborhood Watch, (Adult Content)

M) Search “nerd”
Result #1, Word Nerd, a youth e-book
Result #2, Their Nerd, (Adult Content)

O) Search “owl”
Result #2, Night Owl, (Adult Content)

P) Search “rain”
Result #7, Rain, by L.A. Witt (Adult content)

Q) Search “rock band”
Result #1, Rock the Band, (Adult Content)
Result #2, Rock-a-baby Band, by Kate McMullan a very popular youth author.

R) Search “Russian ballet”
Result #1, The Russian Ballet Girl, (Adult Content)

S) Search “siberian husky”
Result #2, Siberian Husky, (Adult Content)

T) Search “songbird”
Result #1, Songbird, (Adult Content)

U) Search “stallion”
Result #12, Stallion’s Pride, (Adult Content)

V) Search “tiger”
Results #3 and #5 are, respectively, e-audio and e-book versions of Tiger, The Five Ancestors Series, Book 1, a juvenile literature series by Jeff Stone.
Result #4, Tiger New Species Series, Book 7, by Laurann Dohner (Adult Content)

W) Search “wizards”
Result #2, Washington Wizards, by Jim Whiting, a youth book about the basketball team.
Result #4, When Wizards Rule (Adult Content)