Educate. Don’t Indoctrinate.

You have come to the right place and we are glad you are here!
Why are we here?

Because we love our children more than anything on this earth. The people we have entrusted to help our children learn, improve academically, acquire new skills, develop into young adults, and become responsible citizens, have now decided to do just the opposite.

Our children are being taught to hate their communities, hate others, and hate themselves.
Our children are being turned into Marxists.

Critical Race Theory and similar indoctrination programs are being used to degrade our children’s self-esteem and destroy their self-worth, while Marxism is simultaneously destroying their future. Racial discrimination, in any form, is legally and morally wrong. It makes no difference to us whether this is being done to our children with willful ignorance or out of malice. This must all stop right now!

That is why we are here.
There is much important work to be done.
Stay tuned for more updates and announcements and let’s keep in touch.

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